Team 91

This is me and my lacrosse team, Team 91. I have been playing lacrosse for 6 years now. Lacrosse is one of my favorite things to get to do in my free time, and this weekend I’m headed to Maryland for a tournament after our win this past weekend! We played multiple hard teams this past weekend but we still managed to win all of the games. The last day we lost one game, so we came in second place overall. It was a bit of a struggle because we lost many teammates this season. I was really proud of our team for playing the hardest and best we could. Unfortunately, two of our teammates got hurt, one of them a broken leg, one of them a broken arm. Lacrosse is one of my favorite things to do outside of school and every day I try to go outside and practice stick work and more.

Looking for the Key

This is a story about a man who lost a key to a great treasure. A women then offered to help him look for the key. He was looking inside his house but then he realized, he should look outside where there is more light. I chose to do this story because it seemed interesting and fun to act out! It was really fun to get up in front of the class and perform this story!

Camp Hanes

On Thursday my school, Durham Academy sent the 6th grade to a camp called Camp Hanes. When I arrived at school on Thursday, my heart jumped with excitement! I saw all my friends waiting for me the minute I showed up. The 6th grade was split into 2 different buses. Before we went on the buses, we had to make a long line. As I was still excited, I was dropping my stuff and worried I forgot something. I jumped on to the bus and sat down with my friend. When the 6th grade got to camp Hanes, we all went to one room and learned the rules and all about camp Hanes.

One of my favorite things that the sixth grade did at camp Hanes was canoeing. We did lots of different activities with our activity group, but canoeing was the best! I got in a canoe with Kendall and we tried to fight the other canoes! The water was super cold so we didn’t get in. My second favorite activity was rock climbing. This was my second favorite activity because there was something called a sky hammock and it was this really big net that you got to climb up to. Me and my friends were really scared when we were up there. But it was still a really cool experience!! On the very last night we had a bonfire and it was so so so much fun!

Overall, Camp Hanes was a super fun trip. It was a really good way of bonding with our grade and getting away from home. It felt really weird to be in a cabin with people from school because some of them I have never had a sleepover with! The bus rides were also a really fun experience because we got to talk for a really long time. It was a little disappointing that it rained a lot the day we left, it would have been super fun to stay for 2 nights. I just really liked the trip overall being able to get out and have an amazing time! I loved it! Thank you Camp Hanes!

My Backpack

This summer I read Finding Someplace. This story is about a girl named Reesie who goes through Hurricane Katrina all by herself. She packs lots of important things like her phone, a charger, and a framed photo. When Reesie goes through the hurricane, she is all alone, although she has her neighbor Mrs. M. So, I’m going to put myself in her shoes.

If there was a hurricane and I needed to evacuate, what would I bring? The first thing I packed was some money. I packed money because if I ever needed to get something extra, I would have my money. The second thing I packed was my phone. I packed this because if I was in danger or something bad happened, I would have my phone to contact the police or someone I know. The third thing I packed was a flashlight for when it gets dark. The fourth thing I packed was some food so if I got hungry I had something to eat. Next, I brought my charger so I could charge my phone!! The sixth thing I would bring was a blanket because, when I’m sleeping and I get cold, I’m going to want something to help with that!! The seventh thing I brought was a soda. The only reason I got soda is so I could have some sugar. The eighth thing I brought was a first aid kit, with things like Bandaids, wrap, and more. I brought this in case I ever get hurt, I will have things to help out with that. Then, I brought some water because if I didn’t have water, I would die!! The tenth thing I brought was clothes so I don’t have to wear the same dirty pair. The second to last thing I brought was a pillow so I don’t have to put my head on the dirty floor/ground. The last thing I brought is a notebook so I can write down my day and my feelings, like a diary. So, these are all of the things that I would bring if there was a hurricane and I needed to evacuate.