My Books

In Language Arts this year, we read a few books. One of the books we read is called The Last Cuentista. I really liked this book because it was so unique. I had never read a book like it. I think it’s important that they keep the story going through generations. In the book there was a planet called Sagan. On the planet Sagan the workers that were on the ship were going to erase all of the peoples memories. I really liked this book. It left you on many cliff hangers, and I came into class every day excited to read.

Another big project that we worked on this year was our Ideal World. This project in the big picture is like you get to make your own world and you can have any rules. Anything you want. My planet was called Rosa. Some people probably just think this is another small middle school project But this was really special to me because I got to add an extra story to my Ideal World. It was a story about someone that is really important to me. It meant so much to be able to write about this.

After we made our Ideal World (we typed it in docs) we got to make books out of them. I really liked making books because it added so much to the experience. It made it more fun. In the book main experience we got so much freedom. I honestly thought we would have to do just what the teacher wants but we got to choose what we wanted to do. My book was pink because my planets name was Rosa, and Rosa in Italian is pink. Once you read the book, it all weaves together.


My TED Talk

My Ted like talk was an awesome experience for me. I loved getting to talk about something that truly just means so much to me. My topic was about depression, I know that this doesn’t seem like the best or most bright topic to talk about, but it means a lot to me for people to know how I feel about my topic. One of my favorite things about the Ted talk experience is probably how supportive everyone was. Even though my topic and be sensitive for some people, everyone still asked questions and was so supportive. Another thing I really liked… was how it was so easy to find copy right free images, and they were good!!!

Thanks for hearing about my Ted Talk experience!

Dance unit

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One of my second favorite classes is PE . Something we did in PE is a dance unit. This was really fun because we got to choose what group we wanted to dance with and so I got to be with some of my friends. This was nice because I felt more comfortable dancing around my closer friends than someone I was not that close with. This unit was my favorite because I dance competitively and so it fills me with joy to be able to even do dance at school! I also really love being able to teach people or my friend complex moves in dance! We did our dance to Meant To Be and we did it to the whole song! I just really loved this overall because I really enjoyed doing things I love in PE class! We also got to pick a song out of the choices we had and one of those choices was me and my groups favorite song, a country song! 

My Ideal World

Welcome to Planet Rosa…

by: Stella

Have you ever been to a planet that has Pink Lakes? Rosa means pink! The outer layers of Rosa are hot pink with some lighter spots. The ocean is light pink but clear so you can see what’s under you. This is supposed to give you a relaxed chill feeling. Now, not everything there is pink, some things change colors based on the weather type. The reason I chose pink as my main color on Rosa is because pink gives off a very relaxing feeling and less tense vibe. 

There are many different people on Rosa, a little bit like earth, people act different and look different, but still the same species. Although, you can turn into any type of thing you want. You can just say, “Turn me into…” and you will transfer. So, if you are an animal you communicate by asking to become a human again, if you ask to be a mermaid you can still communicate the same way you do as a human but underwater.

Each person gets $50,000 a month in Rosa. The reason that people get this much in Rosa is because money comes more easily in Rosa than it does on Earth. Not only can you make lots of money from a job but, things are worth much more in Rosa than on earth. It’s also easier to find things like gold in Rosa, and jobs are easier to get. There are a lot of jobs you can get in Rosa, most of them are the same as Earth, although jobs do pay more money in Rosa than on Earth. 

The rules on Rosa are a lot more laid back compared to Earth. For example, you are allowed  to steal on Rosa, and the maximum amount of time you can be in jail is 1 month. On Rosa there is no murdering aloud. If you do murder then you will be thrown off Rosa and taken to the DEATH ROW. In the death row you get killed in any way you want. The only thing you can do is steal, but you have the ability to murder but if you do, you are taken to the death row. 

The mindset on Rosa is different from earth. You think a lot deeper than you would on earth, like if someone gives you something and tells you to give it to someone else, then you would think really deep into it. On Rosa, people also think really hard before they act, so they aren’t like robots but they think really hard before they say things. On Rosa people don’t really get tense, they are pretty much always chill and laid back. People can still get tense just not often. 

On Rosa a lot of things are pink, for example, the palm trees there are light pink. The weather there is very nice! We have seasons on Rosa and they are the same as earth. Same with Months and Years. The climate on Rosa should remain pretty and nice most of the time, and I can control the weather there. I can control if it rains or snows or if it’s sunny…. 

Thank you,

I hope you enjoy Life on Rosa. 

Museum of Natural Sciences Trip

Image by Durham academy teachers


Last Friday Durham Academy 6th graders went to The Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh! Overall, it was a really fun trip. My favorite part of the trip was getting to see the 3D printing things and how impressive they were. I also really enjoyed the sky bridge. It was a great overview of the area. The bus ride there was about 30-45 minutes. It wasn’t bad at all. We got to eat lunch in a beautiful courtyard outside. It was nice to get some fresh air. We also got to look at dino bones and bones of other animals which was cool to see. Overall a 10/10 trip!! 

Window or Mirror


A book I have enjoyed is The Twin. The author of this book is Natasha Preston. I like this book because usually I don’t like reading, but this book really makes me more motivated to read. Another thing that is good about this book is every chapter leaves me on a cliffhanger so I just keep wanting to read.

Some books are windows and some are mirrors. This book is a window to me because it’s a little bit sad. I have not experienced that kind of thing. There are twins in the book and I don’t have a twin. A window book is a book that you just see through and a mirror is something you see yourself doing or that you can relate to.

Team 91

This is me and my lacrosse team, Team 91. I have been playing lacrosse for 6 years now. Lacrosse is one of my favorite things to get to do in my free time, and this weekend I’m headed to Maryland for a tournament after our win this past weekend! We played multiple hard teams this past weekend but we still managed to win all of the games. The last day we lost one game, so we came in second place overall. It was a bit of a struggle because we lost many teammates this season. I was really proud of our team for playing the hardest and best we could. Unfortunately, two of our teammates got hurt, one of them a broken leg, one of them a broken arm. Lacrosse is one of my favorite things to do outside of school and every day I try to go outside and practice stick work and more.

Looking for the Key

This is a story about a man who lost a key to a great treasure. A women then offered to help him look for the key. He was looking inside his house but then he realized, he should look outside where there is more light. I chose to do this story because it seemed interesting and fun to act out! It was really fun to get up in front of the class and perform this story!

Camp Hanes

On Thursday my school, Durham Academy sent the 6th grade to a camp called Camp Hanes. When I arrived at school on Thursday, my heart jumped with excitement! I saw all my friends waiting for me the minute I showed up. The 6th grade was split into 2 different buses. Before we went on the buses, we had to make a long line. As I was still excited, I was dropping my stuff and worried I forgot something. I jumped on to the bus and sat down with my friend. When the 6th grade got to camp Hanes, we all went to one room and learned the rules and all about camp Hanes.

One of my favorite things that the sixth grade did at camp Hanes was canoeing. We did lots of different activities with our activity group, but canoeing was the best! I got in a canoe with Kendall and we tried to fight the other canoes! The water was super cold so we didn’t get in. My second favorite activity was rock climbing. This was my second favorite activity because there was something called a sky hammock and it was this really big net that you got to climb up to. Me and my friends were really scared when we were up there. But it was still a really cool experience!! On the very last night we had a bonfire and it was so so so much fun!

Overall, Camp Hanes was a super fun trip. It was a really good way of bonding with our grade and getting away from home. It felt really weird to be in a cabin with people from school because some of them I have never had a sleepover with! The bus rides were also a really fun experience because we got to talk for a really long time. It was a little disappointing that it rained a lot the day we left, it would have been super fun to stay for 2 nights. I just really liked the trip overall being able to get out and have an amazing time! I loved it! Thank you Camp Hanes!